Arriving from Igoumenitza

On departing from the harbor of Igoumenitsa, turn right and follow the European route E55 towards Preveza. Head for Preveza by following the signs to Aktio Tunnel under the Ambracian Gulf for approximately 90km. As you exit the tunnel (3 euro tolls) follow the signs to Lefkada.

After crossing a small bridge connecting the island to the mainland, turn left towards the town of Lefkada. Once you pass a second small bridge, you will arrive in Lefkada town. Make an immediate left turn and follow the signs to Nydri (about 20km) along the port road.

Drive past the Nydri and Vlycho villages and follow the signs to Geni situated on the left side of the road (after the gas station on the right). Keep left until you reach Ilios Club which is situated on your right.